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Submit lyric requests here!:)   Just send me lyrics and i'll write them out for you:D if you want certain colours, styles etc just say:)

Any more lyrics?:)

if people want lyrics posted tonight please submit them in the next 20 minutes:D thanks :)

— 2 years ago
Anonymous asked: I sent in a request but you never did it :(


when did you send it? i haven’t had a chance to do them in the past 3 days but if it was before then i’m really sorry i didn’t mean to, just re submit it and i will do it when i post the next lot:D sorry i probably accidently deleted it knowing me :3

— 2 years ago
Sorry Guys…

wont be posting any tonight probably because i’ve left my homework until the last minute as usual:L so all the lyrics you’ve submitted over the past 2 days shall be posted tomorrow:D

— 2 years ago